Our  Surgeons  practicing Hand Surgery are  dedicated to providing the highest degree of care for all our patients from St Charles ,St louis and Lincoln County area. , we have been providing coverage around  St Louis . We  provide treatment for all injuries/diseases of wrist and hand ranging from simple problems to the most complex conditions. Common hand surgery conditions treated by us include Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Trigger Finger, Arthritis of the basal joint of thumb, small joints of fingers, Sports injuries, including tennis elbow.wrist arthritis , Rheumatoid arthritis of hand and wrist and pediatric hand conditions. Dupuytrens disease ,swellings like ganglion, tumours and skin cancers of hand .

Our Doctors  are experts in caring for both children and adults who suffer from injuries or disorders of the hand and upper extremity. We believe in Restoring both Form and function . We are available 24X7 and please ask for us to be called for  your hand injuries .
Please call our office for appointment if you need follow up care for hand injuries .
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Comprehensive care of Hand Problems- Dr Bodavula